White Westinghouse Refrigerator Repair

White-Westinghouse is a brand of home appliances, and this brand license is owned by the Electrolux Group. Electrolux, however, has not released any products under this brand since 2006. You can, however, still receive service for your White-Westinghouse refrigerator. You can also still purchase replacement parts from third-party vendors. Avoid service fees, and repair minor issues with your refrigerator.

Operational Issues

A White-Westinghouse refrigerator compressor turns on and off as part of its normal operation. If the compressor does not come back on, turn the control settings to the "On" position, and verify that the refrigerator is plugged into an outlet. Verify that the refrigerator is not in the defrost cycle. Give the refrigerator up to 20 minutes to complete the cycle. Check the circuit breaker, and reset if an appliance has tripped it. Look at the fuses, and replace them if they are black or have broken wires. If these solutions do not resolve the problem, you may have problem with the thermostat or compressor. You must call a technician to service the refrigerator.

Cooling Problems

Allow up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool down after you install it. Lower the thermostat to lower the temperature, and increase the thermostat setting if the refrigerator is too cool. Refrain from opening the doors too often. Your refrigerator may also be warm after you add a lot of food to it. Check the door gaskets if the door won't completely close. Replace the gaskets if worn. See if the refrigerator is level by using a bubble level. If it is not level, look at the floor beneath the refrigerator, and see if it's stable and level. If not, fix the floor before reinstalling the refrigerator. Clean the condenser if it's dirty. If you hear a shaking noise, and the refrigerator is not cooling down, contact a service technician.


Clean the White-Westinghouse refrigerator if you smell an odor or if the ice from the icemaker tastes strange. If you hear a vibrating noise, level the fridge. If you hear a groaning or squealing noise, replace the fan. If the light won't turn on, verify that the light bulb is securely screwed into the socket. Replace the light bulb if it is burnt out.


If the icemaker is not dispensing ice, close the freezer door, and allow the freezer to cool if it is too warm. Remove any objects obstructing the ejector arm. Check the door seals, and replace if worn. Verify that the water supply valve is in the "On" position and that the water supply valve is connected to the icemaker. Remove any clogs from the water supply line, and add a filter to it if you have water with high mineral content. Do not store any food items in the ice bin to keep food juices from leaching into the ice.