Fisher Paykel Refrigerator Problems

Misty Faucheux

Fisher and Paykel, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, sells consumer appliances worldwide. It offers different types of refrigerators, including French door, bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerators. All of these refrigerators come with warranties that cover labor and parts. Troubleshoot issues with your refrigerator to avoid waiting for service or paying service fees if your refrigerator's warranty is expired.

Not Operating Normally

Verify that your refrigerator power cord is snugly plugged into an outlet and that the outlet is live. Test the outlet with another appliance. Check that you are not experiencing a power outage. Turn the refrigerator power controls to the "On" position. Check your household fuses, and see if they are black or broken. Replace if necessary, or reset the circuit breaker if tripped. Your motor normally runs for a longer period of time when it's hot outside or if you have added a lot of food. Keep the doors closed to keep heat from entering the refrigerator. If the doors won't close, check that the refrigerator is level. If not, repair the flooring beneath it. Clean the door gaskets.

Temperature Issues

Lower the temperature on your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator if the interior is too warm. Keep the doors closed. If the temperature-controlled drawers are very warm, adjust the temperature settings, and verify that the drawers are correctly placed in the refrigerator compartment. Do not block the rear air grille with food. If the food in your refrigerator is freezing, raise the temperature setting. Clean the condenser coils if they are dirty, and keep food away from the air inlet, which is located in the upper-left corner.


If you see water in the vegetable bins, clean up the water with a dry cloth. Moisture is actually good for vegetables. If you see too much moisture, however, keep the vegetables in plastic bags. If you see water on the inside and outside of the refrigerator, clean or repair the door gaskets. Refrain from opening the doors too often, especially during warm weather. Change your control settings. If your refrigerator has an odor, clean the interior, and always properly package food items.


Your icemaker and water dispenser will not work if the freezer doors are not completely closed. Remove any food blocking the doors, or clean the door gaskets. Take the control panel off the "Lock Mode." If you have just used a lot of water or ice, allow the icemaker and water dispenser to refill. Check your water pressure with a water pressure gauge. Your range must be between 35 and 100 psi. If it's too low, wait for the pressure to return to normal. Clean the water filter and water inlet hose if clogged.