Bosch Clothes Washer Not Draining

Misty Faucheux

Bosch is a German company that offers consumer appliances, including front-loading washing machines and stackable washers. A common Bosch washer problem is that water doesn't drain from the tub. Troubleshoot this issue before contacting Bosch for assistance. You can often fix this problem, avoiding waiting for repairs or paying for out-of-warranty service fees.

Drainage Blocked

The "Drainage blocked?" error code indicates that either the drain hose or the water drainage pipe is clogged. Stop the washer and clean out the hose. Sometimes clothing can block the hose. Reach into the tub and remove any clothing caught in the hose. If you can't see any blockages in the hose, open up the main access panel and examine the section of hose connected to the pump. Use pliers to pull out any clothing or debris.

Pump Blocked

The "Pump blocked?" error code means that debris or clothing has gotten into the pump itself. Clean out the pump. Check the pump pulley if nothing is caught in it, especially if the tub is not spinning or pumping water out. Try turning the pump pulley. If it won't turn, then you must replace it.

Other Drainage Hose Issues

If water is returning to your Bosch washer after it's pumped out, measure how much of the drainage hose extends into the tub. If it's more than 4 inches, remove the excess. Verify that the standpipe is no more than 96 inches above the floor. The drainage hose must fit snugly into the standpipe but not too tight. If the connection is extremely tight, loosen it.

Additional Problems

Your Bosch washer won't go through the spin cycle if you wash small and large clothing pieces together. These items can get caught together, creating an unbalanced load. The washer skips the spin cycle to prevent damaging the washing machine. If the washer didn't go through the spin cycle, then your clothes may be too wet. Extend the drying time to compensate for the wet clothing or run the cycle again, separating the heavy and light clothing. If the washer stopped while draining, your power may have gone out. Wait for it to come back on and restart the cycle. Verify that you have not tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse. If the washer still won't turn on, unplug it and open up the main housing. Examine the lid switch, which is a black box with wires. Replace the switch if the connections are broken or burnt out.