Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

Whether you have a small suburban lot or a large yard, a lawn mower probably is an essential part of your lawn-care routine. By choosing a designated storage area for your mower, you'll keep the machine safe and protected from weather so it stays in working order.

Garage Getaway

Large lawn mower on grass

A garage is often the go-to storage space for everything from cars and tools to sports gear and lawn-care equipment. Squeezing your lawn mower into the garage may take some creative thinking, though. An easily accessible spot is best for your mower so you don't have to move vehicles or rearrange the garage's other contents just to get out the mower. During warm months, the mower is needed frequently. Change the arrangement in the garage so you can keep the mower near its outside door if possible. Another option is to install a motorized lift designed for small vehicles and equipment. The lift mounts to a garage wall, and its platform can be raised and lowered. You can put your mower on the platform and lift it into the air so it doesn't take up lots of floor space.

Shed Shelter

When a garage isn't an option, a storage shed is a simple way to keep a lawn mower protected from weather. If you have a push mower, a small shed will do. A riding lawn mower or lawn tractor needs a larger shed. You can build your own small storage building just large enough for the mower you own, or use a premade shed with enough space for your mower. When choosing or designing a shed, consider the mower's dimensions, and leave clearance for yourself to maneuver inside the shed when it houses the mower.

Safety Considerations

A lawn mower often ends up sharing space with other items. If you have a few storage options for your mower, then consider safety issues to find the best spot. Your mower should have a dry area that doesn't get too hot. Keep a gasoline-powered mower away from everything that has a pilot light, such as a furnace or water heater, because gasoline and oil in the mower are flammable. Avoid storing your mower in a spot where something heavy could fall on it and cause damage.

Long-Term Option

As grass goes dormant, your mind may turn to winter storage of your lawn mower. Before you tuck the machine away, do a little maintenance to protect it. Drain its gasoline, and give the machine a thorough cleaning. Change or clean its air filter. As it does other times of the year, the mower needs a dry, safe spot for winter, but it doesn't need to be as accessible as it does during grass-cutting season. Tuck the mower in the back of the garage or shed where it will be out of the way.

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