Funny Things to Do at Home Depot

Siobhan Egan

Most people complete a home project by going to the hardware store, getting what they need and getting home to get it done. But some of us love to meander in big home warehouse stores like Home Depot. All those cool gadgets, tools and hardware and "realistic" displays are fun to tinker with and can even set the stage for impromptu comedy.

Make a Fort

Home Depot is a fun place for a natural comedian.

The insulation rolls at Home Depot are grouped by R-factor. Sometimes rolls of insulation wrapped in brown paper spill over into the aisle from their bins. Take about six of these rolls and make walls out of them to construct a fort. Grab a magazine from the front of the store and sit inside your fort and read while you hide from your shopping companion, or until a sales associate finds you. Or you get itchy.

Plant Talking

The garden center at Home Depot has aisles and aisles of plants, shrubs and small trees. Garden center employees put the season's flowering annuals and perennials on shelves. Locate yourself on the other side of the aisle, and when someone walks by, throw your voice through the plants. Say, "Please don't leeeeaaaave me!" or "Hey! You! Niiiice stemmms!"

Singing in the Shower

Home Depot sometimes locates displays of different types of shower kits on or at the end of the bathroom fixtures aisle. These displays enable customers to step inside and see whether the shower is the proper size for them. Step inside one of these shower displays, close the door from the inside and when someone walks by, break out into song, complete with fake microphone.

Can You Spare a Square?

Home Depot has bath fixtures on display, including tubs, sinks and toilets. Sit on one of the toilet displays for a minute or two and look to the left and the right, as if you are looking for something. When someone walks by, say, "Excuse me, do you have any idea where the toilet paper is?"