Defrosting Process for a GE Profile Freezer

The GE Profile freezer is available in upright or chest versions and in various sizes, and is designed for use in a home or garage to store frozen items. It includes several cabinet shelves, adjustable bins and sliding bulk storage baskets. The freezer is sold online and in many appliance or department stores, and is fairly simple to use and operate. The freezer should be defrosted on a regular basis, approximately twice a year. This is also a fairly simple process.


Before defrosting the GE freezer, remove all items from the freezer and store in another freezer, refrigerator or cooler. Place some towels on the ground around the freezer as well to catch any moisture that may drip. If there is an excess of frost in the unit, use a plastic scraper or spatula to scrape away some of the frost.


To begin the defrost process, set pans of hot water inside the freezer to help speed up the melting process. Large pieces of ice will fall and melt first, so keep an eye on these items and wipe up the frost as it falls. Remove the base grille if there is no defrost water drain in the bottom of the compartment, using a Philips-head screwdriver to remove the screws on each side of the grille. Remove the drain plug and set a pan under the drain. If the freezer has a defrost water drain in the bottom of the compartment, remove the drain cap and attach the hose connector that comes with the unit. Set the other end of the hose into a container. Remove the drain plug.


Once the defrosting is complete, use a clean cloth to wipe down the interior of the freezer. If the freezer has an odor, use a mixture of baking soda and water to wipe down the surface inside the freezer. Wipe up any excess water on the bottom of the freezer. Replace the drain plug and reset the drain tube. If the unit has the drain plug behind the base grille, replace the grille and the screws that hold it in place. If the drain plug is inside the compartment, close the cap on the defrost drain and fold over the gasket located on the hinge side of the lid.

Normal Use

Restore power to the freezer once the unit has been defrosted and cleaned. Check the temperature control and set to the desired level before placing food back in the freezer.

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