Free Ways to Create Your Own Blueprints

A blueprint is a scaled drawing of a home, building or structure.

Downloadable Blueprints

Blueprints are detailed guides used in constructing a building.Blueprints are detailed guides used in constructing a building.
Blueprints are generally drawn to one-fourth the scale of the property's actual size. Blueprint plans and specifications instruct builders and contractors how to build a property. A set of blueprints consists of: foundation plans, floor plans, roof plan, electrical layout, kitchen cabinet layout, information on footings and framing, front, side and rear elevations and construction details. Blueprints also contain details regarding the type and quality of materials to be used. This information is used to estimate total costs involved in building the structure.

Free blueprints are available for download with blueprint software programs. There are numerous companies offering free software to create blueprints. Downloadable blueprints can be used to design a home, office, deck or landscape. Blueprint templates will help to save time in the design process. Rather than starting with a blank page, the software offers a template allowing you to create the blueprint in much less time.


SmartDraw is a downloadable visual processor that assists in creating free blueprints. Once the software is downloaded and installed it is ready for use in making a blueprint. SmartDraw comes with 70 different blueprint templates. These ready-to-use templates range from floor plans to engineering plans. The blueprint designing program features automatic formatting of drawings and shapes to provide ease in positioning on the page. SmartDraw allows the transfer of blueprint designs to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and PDF formats.

Web-Hosted Blueprints

A web-hosted blueprint source allows you to make a blueprint online as well as host them online. Users must create an account with the blueprint source in order to use the features, make changes and save the designs. Most blueprint websites, offering online hosting solutions, provide access through a free account. Additionally, some platforms allow integration with other websites, social media and other online products.


FloorPlanner is an extremely user-friendly online solution for making floor plans. The FloorPlanner basic version is offered free of charge for personal use. The simple interface gives the option to accurately plan a space. " is definitely one design tool that you'll want to use," a review on Cybernet states.

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