Samsung Refrigerator Help

Homeowners are often drawn to Samsung refrigerators because of their sleek stainless steel finish and high-tech controls.

Level Refrigerator

If the doors of your Samsung refrigerator are not even, you may need to adjust its legs.If the doors of your Samsung refrigerator are not even, you may need to adjust its legs.
However, if you have never owned a Samsung refrigerator before, you may have questions regarding its operation, maintenance and possible problems. As you become familiar with your new appliances, keep these basic tips in mind to get the most out of your new fridge.

When your Samsung refrigerator's doors are not even, the appliance may not be properly leveled. Adjusting the front legs can help stabilize the refrigerator and even out the doors. Begin by removing the front leg cover at the bottom of refrigerator, if your model features one. Each leg has a slot that allows for adjustment. Place a flat-blade screwdriver in the slot to turn the leg so it moves up or down depending on what your refrigerator requires. Turning the leg in a clockwise direction lowers it, while turning it in a counter-clockwise direction raises it. Adjust the legs until the refrigerator is level and the doors are even.

Adjust Temperature

Adjusting the temperature on a Samsung refrigerator is very easy because it features a control panel that clearly indicates the temperature, as well as a keypad for convenient adjustments. The procedure varies based on the refrigerator model that you have, but pressing the "Fridge" and "Freezer" buttons adjusts the temperature in the respective areas of the refrigerator. Some Samsung refrigerators show the precise temperature measurement and allow you to adjust it in 2-degree intervals. Other models have a temperature range from coldest to cold, and you move between the levels by pressing the button.

Icemaker Not Working

Some Samsung refrigerators are equipped with a convenient icemaker. If you find that your icemaker is not producing ice, there may be an issue with the water supply line. Wait at least 12 hours after the line's installation to attempt to make ice. If you have waited the appropriate amount of time, check that the line is connected and does not have any kinks. The water supply valve must be open as well. There is a manual shut-off switch for the icemaker, so check to make sure that it has not been accidentally tripped. Finally, check the freezer's temperature to see if it is too warm, and lower it if necessary.

Clean Exterior

Because a Samsung refrigerator has a digital control and display panel, you cannot clean it the way that you would a traditional fridge. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior. Do not spray water directly on the refrigerator's exterior because it may damage the digital panel. Instead, spray your cloth and use it to clean the surface. You can use a mild detergent on the doors and handles, but take care to wipe them clean and dry with a soft cloth. However, do not use any harsh cleaning products on the surface of the refrigerator because they can damage it. Because Samsung refrigerators have a stainless steel finish, you can also maintain your fridge's appearance by polishing it a couple of times a year.

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