Delta 34-010 Miter Box Parts

Timothy Burns

The Delta Machinery woodworking tool company began manufacturing high quality woodworking machinery in 1919. Originating in a garage in Milwaukee as the industrial revolution shaped the nation, Delta put high quality, durable tools into the hands of the home woodworker at competitive prices. Because these tools are so reliable, as they age owners can have problems finding replacement parts, as may be the case with the vintage Delta 34-010 Miter Box.

Company History

Delta manufactures durable contractor-grade woodworking equipment.

Tools manufactured by the Delta Machinery company often remain in service much longer than their competition. During the economic booms of the 1960's and 1980's, the company also went through various ownership and business model changes. Rockwell, Delta and Porter Cable all jockeyed for position in the market, serving essentially the same client base through this period. As a result of company mergers and options presented by off shore manufacturing, some of Delta's tools, including the 34-010 miter saw, were outsourced and manufactured overseas. During this time, company ownership also changed hands a number of times, making replacement parts for some of their tools are hard to find.

34-010 Miter Saw

The Delta 34-010 is an older, 9-inch power miter saw. Sometimes called a chop box, power miter or cut-off saw by professionals in the field, the tool's cast iron base and heavy duty central pivoting table were designed to handle everyday use, and even a little abuse from tradesmen who tossed the tool in and out of the back of their trucks on the way to a job. Consequently, the tool has very few serviceable replacement parts.

Common Replacement Parts

Common replacement parts for this tool include the spindle nut wrench, the blade guard, the nuts and washers which hold the blade onto the motor spindle shaft and the motor drive belt. The wrench is easy to replace, since it's essentially a piece of stamped steel, bent at an angle to allow easy access inside the tool's blade guard. The plastic guard, nuts and washers and tool drive belt are still available from online replacement sources. Since these parts can break or become lost, replacement tool specialists still make them available.

Hard to Find Parts

Tool owners will run into problems when they have to replace internal or electronic parts for this tool. Items such as the saw's on-off switch and motor brushes are designed to last for nearly the lifetime of the tool. But because of the tool's extended lifetime, some of these parts are no longer manufactured by the time they break down. For 34-010 owners who love their tool, the best option is to look for an old, or no longer working unit at auction or online auction sites. With two tools in the workshop, one is used as a parts source to keep the other one running.