The Best Dish Towels

For those who love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a good dish towel ranks up there with a high quality appliance. When looking for a dish towel, you want something that will absorb water and remain in tact after many washings. Remember to wash your towels a few times beforehand use to prep the dish towel and loosen up the fibers. If you don't care about the aesthetics of the towel, a simple white dish cloth made of a high absorbent and durable material, like cotton, is your best bet.


Made from flax, linen is a natural fiber that has the ability to shed dirt easily.  One of the strongest vegetable fibers, it is even stronger when wet and will begin to soften after repeated washing. Linen is also ideal for drying dishes because of its excellent absorption rate.  You can use the same cloth when drying pots and pans with the added benefit of lasting years and years. Wash it regularly and allow to dry thoroughly for a long lasting dish cloth. 

Organic Cotton

Grown without the use of harsh chemicals, cotton dish towels have low impact on the environment and are pesticide free.  Another benefit of cotton dish towels is the high absorbency rate and the ability to dry out easily after using. In addition, organic cotton towels are also produced under strict guidelines and can be used around young children and babies without the worry of harsh chemicals being inside the material. 

Cotton Mix

Cotton mix consists of both cotton and linen fabric for a truly hardy and long lasting dish towel.  This combination consists of the super absorbent powers of cotton mixed with the washability of linen towels. Many waffle weave towels are made of cotton mix and have the ability to soak up water like no other dish towel.  Cotton mix dish towels can also be turned into rags when they become worn out.


Terrycloth dish towels are the work horses of most commercial kitchens.  This simple white and frill-free dish towel wipes up the toughest spills. They ring out water like no other towel and can be washed day after day.  Because terrycloth towels are typically made in white, they often appear to be stained from previous use, but they are still a highly efficient and absorbent dish towel. If you have the ability to look beyond the faded colors, you'll find these towels to be invaluable. 

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