Ideas to Remove or Darken Skylights

Removing or darkening your skylight are the only two options when you want to lessen the light coming through this window to the sky. No matter what size the skylight is, removing it will cause moderate to major damage to your roof. You not only have to repair the hole it leaves, you will need to tie the repaired area into the rest of the roof. If the skylight is giving you too much light, easier and much less expensive alternatives exist to darken it up.

Window Film

Skylight Darkening or Removal

One quick and easy way to darken the skylight is to use window film. This product comes in all different degrees of light filtering so you can choose the type of shading you need. It comes in a roll and is installed without any adhesive material to the inside of your skylight. The film clings to the window, making installation very easy. Window film comes in a variety of designs from bubble glass to faux stained glass. This film can be removed easily when you no longer need or want its effects. It does not damage the glass or plastic of the sunlight.


Window blinds are made specifically for skylights. Because most skylights are too high up to be reached without a ladder, many of these blinds are made with remote controls to open and close the units. They come in all different colors and are made from many different materials, such as wood and metal, and are also available covered in fabric. Blinds are installed on the inside of the skylight frame. If remote controlled blinds are too pricey, they are also made as manual closing units that come with a large stick that fits into a crank hole, so you can reach them while standing on the floor. If your skylight is an ordinary size, you can purchase pre-made blinds. They are also made to order for uncommon size skylights.


Skylight shades that resemble the roman shades for regular windows are available. The room darkening effect is offered in different degrees ranging from light to complete room darkening. They come in fabric, both lined and unlined, bamboo, wood and a few other types of material. The shades are offered in remote control or by hand crank with a long stick. These are installed around the skylight molding and they are offered in many different colors. They can be custom made or ordered off the rack.

Skylight Covers

Skylight covers are available that are installed over the outside of the skylight. They are mainly used for heat blocking and they keep the suns rays from heating up your home during air conditioning season. They come in many sizes or can be special ordered. They block out the suns hot and glaring rays, but you can still see the sky through them. This works in darkening the skylight, but it does not completely block out the light.