What Are the Different Types of Vases?

If you are a fan of fresh flowers, or just like adding decorative touches to your home, then a nice vase can be the way to go. Vases come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and can match almost any motif. Learn a little bit about the different types of vases you can use to help give your home your own personal touch.



Glass vases can pull off a variety of looks. For a simple, classic appeal, you can take a thin-flute glass vase and arrange with four or five tulips or roses. If you are going for a funky look, try filling your glass vase with odds and ends like colored stones or artificial berries to be displayed and seen clearly through the glass.


For a more expensive and elegant look, crystal vases are the way to go. Crystal vases are usually cut with a beautiful design in them and can really sparkle when put in an area of sunlight in the home. They are typically filled with long-stem roses or other elegant flowers.


Clay vases can be fun to play around with because there are so many options. You can find them in tall, short, thin or wide styles and in a variety of colors. If you find a clay vase you love, you can even paint over it with acrylic latex paint and add your own personal flair to the vase.


Beaded vases are funky vases that are made by taking a wire frame and adding intricate beading around it. Beaded vases may be a little harder to find, but you can try thrift shops, trendy décor stores or look online. Fake flowers are best for beaded vases, as they can't hold liquids. Or you could fill them with objects like artificial fruits and vegetables, colored stones or potpourri.


Metal vases are a bit more intricate and expensive, and have more of an antique look to them. Metal vases are typically higher end because most will have some sort of detailed design engraved on them in gold or silver. You can find these at antique stores, estate sales or at some décor stores. They have an added advantage in that they are less prone to breaking should an accident occur.


Short, wide vases, usually cylinder or bowl shaped, are also popular in home décor. These vases are usually glass or clay and are ideal for floating tea lights or floating flower buds. You can also fill them with artificial fruits, rocks, colored-pebbles or stones.

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