Exterior Color Ideas for Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes come in an array of shapes and styles these days. Even the typical characteristics of manufactured homes, such as stock siding, do not apply to the majority, so choosing colors should be done based on the characteristics of your own home. You should feel free to get creative with the process and do whatever you think works well, provided your neighborhood doesn't have stipulations on what colors you're allowed to use.


in a neighborhood with like architecture, paint can make all the difference

Natural is very popular right now, but this is not to be confused with neutral. Rather than selecting bland shades, instead the idea is to choose colors that contain shades or hues that are representative of nature. Rather than a typical tan color, select a shade that contains sandy grays or dirty browns. You can get creative with this. Rather than just selecting a color like pine green, instead select a faded green with pine shades. The idea is to infuse some colors from nature into the final product to make it blend rather than stand out from the natural beauty outside.

Multiple Colors

Rather than using one primary color and one for trim, a contemporary design feature is to incorporate multiple colors and textures. Many houses have as many as five colors or more all working together to enhance the natural design scheme of the house. Since manufactured homes typically use one kind of siding for the entire exterior, you can get creative with this. If you paint the window trim one color and the porch another, you will be able to show off multiple colors to show off the different dimensional features of the home. You can play off of the color of the roof as well, using those colors to enhance the rest of the home. You can get as creative as you like with this, being sure to choose colors that enhance the natural design and show contrast in the different dimensions.

Consider Your Neighbors

Another great resource for choosing colors is your neighbors, or more specifically their houses. Looking at the neighboring houses is a great way to create a neighborhood theme. Since manufactured homes often have similar design features. Paint your house to match rather than stand out. This doesn't mean to paint your house the same color, but choosing an opposing primary or secondary color makes your house one in a sequence. If your neighbor paints his house a bold red, choose another bold shade of blue or yellow. This will not only make your house fit sequentially, but it will make it easier for people to find your house. Many modern apartments and condos choose this approach as it allows them to stand out against the typical beige, and it makes it easier to find your building in a row of like designed buildings.

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