What Colors Shutters Look Good on Yellow Siding?

When choosing what color to paint shutters on a yellow home, you must consider which color will be most aesthetically appealing. Complimentary or analogous colors look best when accenting the exterior of a home. While technically any color will accent yellow siding in its own individual way, certain colors chosen from the color wheel will best create color harmony. According to HGTV, the final decision should not be based upon conventional standards, but the personal preference of the home owner.


Yellow siding can be difficult to accent.
Yellow, green and orange are naturally found together in nature.

An analogous yellow color scheme would consist of the colors that are touching yellow on the color wheel, orange or green. If orange or green is chosen for the shutters, chose a tone that accents the existing yellow of the siding. For example, if the home is pastel yellow, consider choosing a bright green to add contrast to the pastel overtone.


Yellow and purple create a pleasant contrast.

A complementary color to accent yellow siding would use the color which is directly across the color wheel, in this case violet. Violet is adjacent to yellow on the color wheel, so according to standard color harmony, this would make the color the perfect complementary choice for yellow siding. Choose a tone of violet that accents the tone of the siding. For example, if the home is a bright yellow, consider choosing a soft, pastel violet for a subtle complementing accent.


White, black and yellow flow well together.

Black or white are typically two colors you can’t go wrong with when choosing complementary accenting colors. Using either for the color of the shutters will create a crisp contrast and both downplay and liven up the existing yellow siding. The choice between black and white should be based upon the preference of the home owner and surrounding color palette. For example, if the home has a darker backdrop, such as a dark forest, black shutters will add a natural appearance to the home, blending it in with its surroundings. If the surrounds of the home are bright, such as other homes or an open landscape, white will complement the bright surroundings and make the color scheme feel more natural.

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