Small Space Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms, particularly small ones, offer great decorating opportunities. You are not doomed to a boring bathroom space, if you know a few tips and tricks to maximize your space while showcasing some of your bathroom's assets. The key is to use the right colors and the right organizational tools to keep the area looking bright, open and uncluttered.

Glass and Mirrors

Putting mirrors in a small space can create the illusion of a larger area. Replacing a small mirror over the sink console can achieve this effect, or you can add an additional mirror to any blank wall. If your budget permits, you can replace a shower enclosure with clear glass, instead of frosted glass or a solid shower curtain, which can make a room look smaller. A less expensive option is a clear shower curtain.

Color Choice

The colors you choose for your bathroom make a big difference in how space perception is affected. Dark colors will make a small area feel even smaller. Using light colors with warm accents (i.e. white or cream-colored walls and beige or brown towels and accessories) can maximize your space and make the small space you have feel open and inviting instead of dark and cluttered.

Sink Console

Although storage is a factor in a small bathroom, a bulky console will take up quite a bit of space. Swapping it out for a pedestal sink or a floating console can keep your bathroom from looking cluttered. Hang your towels on racks on the wall or store them and other bathroom necessities in a linen closet elsewhere.

Streamline Your Surfaces

A console that holds a lot of daily care products or even decorative knickknacks can make a small space look more cluttered, even if the items are grouped neatly. Limit the countertop space to hand soap and perhaps one or two decorations. Place everything else in storage containers under the console or in other bathroom storage areas.

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