Lake House Decorating Ideas

While the view from your lake house may be awe-inspiring, the interior of your home may leave much to desire. Lake house decorating ideas serve as springboards for your own ideas so you can make your home by the water a comfortable retreat with complementary decor for both you and your guests.


Even the simplest home on the lake can benefit from inspired decorations.

Opt for soothing neutral tones or pastels as a backdrop for your lakeside retreat.  Think khaki, ivory or white. Light blue or green shades also work well.  For a warmer atmosphere, choose olive, burgundy or navy. However, resist the urge to paint an entire room in a dark color because it can make it seem closed in.  Instead, apply deep colors to accent walls only.


Flooring should be easy to clean and maintain if you and your lake house guests partake in water sports or outdoor activities.  Since people may come into your home with dirty or wet feet, incorporate vinyl or tile into the main living areas. Berber or any short-pile carpet can be installed in bedrooms for comfort.  Wood plank or laminate flooring lends a rustic feel to a lake house, but it's often harder to keep clean.


Furniture with rustic elements such as wood, iron or wicker will complement a lake house.  Choose pieces that are simple in design and upholstery. Add plenty of [throw pillows](https://society6com/pillows?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=4433) and throw blankets to seating areas for guests' comfort. 


Worn items such as antique fishing equipment or old photo albums make appropriate accessory choices.  Pictures with lake or outdoor themes also prove suitable. Baskets filled with pine cones or potpourri add a natural touch.  Hang striped or solid valances on windows to draw attention to, rather than block, lake views.


Place table lamps in the living area for relaxed nighttime lighting.  Antique or vintage fixtures or lamps provide interest and atmosphere. Lit table lamps in bedrooms are a nice touch to welcome weary guests as they retire. 

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