Government Grants for Home Repairs in Texas

Patrice Lesco

Government grants for home repairs in Texas are not generally awarded directly to individuals in the form of a cash payment but are offered through services and supplies to make repairs. In addition, while the federal government gives some of the funding provided for grants, the funds are often controlled by state or local government agencies that will determine grant eligibility. Therefore, when seeking a grant for home repair ensure that you search through city agencies, county organizations and state level government as well as federal entities that may provide funding.

Low-Income Home Repair

Funds for home repair usually don't come from the federal government

The City of Dallas, like many major Texas cities, offers a home repair grant program for low-income individuals and families. The program is federally funded and can be used on general repairs or for the complete reconstruction of a home. As with all grant programs, individuals must apply through the City of Dallas and follow the specific reporting requirements related to the grant if the grant is awarded.

Rural Residents

The Texas Department of Rural Development oversees the Green Retrofit Program for Multifamily Housing grant program. This program is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and exists in Texas and throughout the nation. As the title suggests, the grant is focused on repairs and maintenance for multifamily dwellings as well as property preservation, energy improvement updates and property operations.

Disabled Veterans

The Veteran’s Administration offers a home accommodations grant under the Specially Adapted Housing Program. This grant focuses on the needs of disabled veterans and is intended to assist in repairing or altering the veteran’s home so that the accommodations can be easily accessible for the individual. The Texas Workforce Commission indicates that these grants are for veterans with a service-connected disability.


Weatherization repair and energy efficiency repairs to your home can be completed through grants offered by some utility and housing organizations in the state. In some cases you must have service from the utility company that offers the grant in order to be considered for funding. Additionally, grants of this nature vary in scope by the funding organization. For example, in some cases you must make the repairs and then a grant amount may be given after the company inspects the repairs. In other cases, the grant may only cover some of the repairs needed at your home but not all of the repairs.