Maytag Gemini Range Error Codes

Angela Brady

The Maytag Gemini Range is programmed with a series of error codes to alert you when something is wrong with your range. Fault codes appear in the time window, with the major fault code to the left of the colon and the minor fault code to the right. The major fault code indicates the general problem, while the minor fault code zeroes in on exactly where that issue is occurring.

F1: Number

The F1 error code indicates a “runaway” temperature and sounds a constant alarm until the “cancel” key is pressed. If the alarm turns back on, the error is still occurring. A minor code of :1 or :2 indicates the “runaway” temperature is in the upper or lower oven, respectively. A minor code of :3 or :4 occurs when the “runaway” temperature occurs during the self-clean cycle in the upper and lower oven. Minor codes :5 and :6 indicate a keypad cancel in the upper and lower ovens, a :7 code means the keypad has been disconnected,and a :8 means the keypad has shorted out. If the F1 codes appear, test the membrane switch and the sensor; if they are functioning correctly, replace the control.

F1: Letter

If a letter appears as the minor code, it indicates the “runaway” temperature is the fault of a membrane switch. The :A and :B codes point to the upper and lower latch switches, and the :C and :D codes indicate the upper and lower door switches. An :E or :H minor code means there is a problem with the read-only memory (EEPROM), and a :F code points to a jumper issue.


The F3 code indicates a sensor issue. Pressing “cancel” stops the alarm, but it begins again as soon as the oven is turned to “cook” if the problem is not corrected. Examine wiring for a shorted circuit. A :1 minor code indicates the problem is in the upper oven, and the :2 code indicates the problem is in the lower oven.


The F9 error code simply means that a door lock is nonfunctioning and may require service or replacement. Minor codes :1 and :3 refer to a latch lock issue in the upper and lower ovens, respectively, while codes :2 and :5 indicate a latch unlock problem in the upper and lower ovens. A minor code of :6 means the problem is with both the lock and unlock modes.