Furniture Ideas for How to Use Church Pews

Church pews, especially antique ones, are solid wood, well-built, durable pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime. They are often sold at antique malls, salvage yards or even by churches themselves. Church pews can be obtained inexpensively and repurposed for use inside any home.


Church pews have residential uses.

A church pew doesn't have to be used for seating. It can also make a unique headboard with matching end tables. Add casters to the bottom of the pew to raise it several inches off the ground. Cut out a spot in the center of the seat the width of your mattress and box springs, leaving the backrest intact. Slide the mattress into the opening. The pew becomes a solid wood headboard with storage tables on either end.

Entryway Bench

A church pew makes a sturdy entryway or mudroom bench. Paint it or leave it as is, push it against one wall, and a church pew becomes the hardest-working piece of furniture in the house. It makes a comfortable spot to sit, tie shoes or slip them on and off, and provides a place to store them under the seat. Drop keys, purses and backpacks on the pew when entering the home.

Dining Bench

A short church pew secured to the floor with anchors provides breakfast-nook seating. If a cushion is desired, use a slipcovered one in a washable fabric, especially if children will be dining on it. Use a longer church pew in the dining room as additional seating for the dining room table. Though most church pews have a traditional or Gothic look, pews with slats instead of solid backs have a more modern look for contemporary decor.