Error Codes for a Self Cleaning Oven

While self-cleaning ovens are designed to require little or no cleaning, this doesn't mean they are maintenance free as well. Like many electric appliances, self-cleaning ovens have built-in fault codes (error codes) that display. These codes are listed in your user manual and can help you determine the trouble with your oven and how to fix the issue.

F1 Code

Most oven brands use a standard code system to aid in troubleshooting common problems.

An F1 code indicates a problem with the touch pad or membrane.  Replace the touch pad or membrane.

F1 can also indicate an issue with the oven's on-board watchdog system, which requires replacing the touch pad or clock assembly. 

F2 Code

An F2 indicates your oven is getting too hot.  In this case, replace either the relay board (if your model has one) or the heat sensor.

F3 or F4 Codes

F3 and F4 indicate a problem with your oven's heat sensor.  This problem is similar to an F2 issue, but these codes indicate a heat sensor only as opposed to the relay board.

F5 Code

F5 indicates watchdog and hardware circuit disagreement.  Replace the clock assembly.

F6 Code

F6 indicates a missing AC signal, which is caused by improper voltage in the unit.  Repair it immediately.

F7 and F0 Codes

F7 indicates your oven has a shorted button or a button that has become stuck.  A shorted button will probably need professional repairs.

You can fix a stuck button on your own.  F0 is a stuck function key.

F8 Code

F8 indicates the clock assembly needs replacing.  The trouble is with the analog or digital circuitry.

F9 Code

An F9 code indicates trouble with the door latch, typically repaired by replacing the latch. 

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