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Error Codes for a Kenmore Front-Loading Washing Machine

Danielle Hill

Kenmore has manufactured laundry machines since 1927, selling them through American-based retailer Sears. According to the Kenmore website, one in three American homes has a Kenmore appliance of some kind. If you have one of Kenmore's front-loading washing machines, you may occasionally see an error code, alerting you to a malfunction and guiding you to specific troubleshooting steps.


Front loading washing machine
Woman setting front loading washing machine

If your Kenmore front-loading washer gives you an error code of "FH," your problem is somehow related to the water supply; the washer is not receiving an adequate amount. First, cancel the cycle by pressing the "Pause/Cancel" button two times. Then disconnect the washer from the power source. Once the machine is completely disengaged, check whether both hot and cold faucets that control the flow of water to the washer are completely open. If the faucets are open, check the full length of any hoses that feed water to the machine, looking for kinks. Inspect the screens along the hose connections, looking for clogs. If re-starting and re-selecting the cycle does not start the normal operation, call Kenmore's service department for an authorized service technician.


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An error message reading "F02" means that your Kenmore has a draining problem. Most likely, there is a problem somewhere along the length of the draining hose. First, as with any repair, press the "Pause/Cancel" button twice to cancel any running cycles, and unplug the unit from its power source. Check the full length of the drain hose for any signs of kinks. If you live in a cold climate, check whether the hose is frozen at any point along its length. Working carefully to avoid spilling any water, check whether the inside of the hose is clogged at any point. Finally, check the orientation of the hose. If at any point, the hose is located more than 96 inches above the floor, then gravity is forcing the water from the hose back into the washing machine. If, after trying these measures, you find that the washer still doesn't drain or begin to function normally, call for technical support.


Soap for washing machine

An error code reading "SUD" means that the detergent is creating excessive suds and the washing machine is responding with its automatic "suds routine." This washing cycle is specialized to remove extra suds from your garments, leaving them thoroughly cleaned and completely rinsed of soap residue. During the extended rinsing, you will see the SUD code to inform you of the excessive suds. In most cases, this results from adding regular instead of high-efficiency detergent. Simply switch to high-efficiency detergent for the next load and monitor toward the end of the cycle to ensure that the SUD code has gone away.