Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

Bathroom towel racks can be as basic, complex or downright bizarre as you can handle; use everyday items for the job or DIY project.

Don't let your bathroom towel rack -- or bar or hook -- be an afterthought when it can be a conversation starter, focal point or at least a good-looking element. 

Ladder, Ladder on the Wall

Additional Towel Rack or Hanger Ideas

* Coat racks
* Metal craft hoops, hung with rope or chain from rafters or joists above * Wine racks -- for rolled towels * Wooden hangers -- hung right-side up or upside down. 

The rungs of a **vintage ladder** -- cleaned and finished with sealer -- make a simple towel rack when all you have to do is lean it against the wall near the tub or shower stall.  For a large bathroom, use a painter's stepladder; years of paint splatter adds personality, and the paint tray makes an ideal spot for a plant or large, clear container of decorative shells, soaps or rolled facecloths.


Polyvinyl chloride pipes and fittings connect in almost limitless ways, making them common do-it-yourself supplies.  The pipe is relatively easy [to cut](http://wwwehowcom/how_5692363_cut-pvc-pipe-straight-easyhtml) with a hacksaw -- file the ends smooth so that the cement bonds well when you secure the parts. Create a [standard rack](http://smartypantsmamacom/diy-idea-pvc-piping-towel-rack/) with a basic, freestanding design; form an industrial look by [snaking](https://lwwtechnologyfileswordpresscom/2013/10/chajabal-system-guatemalajpg) [pieces](http://wwwehowcom/how_5692363_cut-pvc-pipe-straight-easyhtml) along the wall with wall clamps -- or come up with [something](http://smartypantsmamacom/diy-idea-pvc-piping-towel-rack/) [special](http://wwwformufitcom/pvc-projects-and-ideas/).  Spray paint the plastic -- do it outdoors for ventilation -- using the room's accent color.


For a more substantial rack, use copper or cast iron pipes and fittings.

Box-Style Racks

Wood boxes -- think "apple crates" -- make ready racks when you **attach them to the wall** by screwing through their bottoms.  If you plan to use more than one, fix them in a horizontal or vertical straight or staggered row, depending on the available wall space and your design savvy. When putting holes in the wall isn't ideal, you can **stack the boxes** on the floor instead.  Vintage boxes have ready personalities, while new ones can benefit from a few coats of paint.

Towel Hook Ideas

Antlers and glass door knobs have little in common, except that they both make handy, conversation-starting [towel hooks](http://rilanecom/bathroom/10-cool-and-creative-towel-rakcs-for-the-bathroom/).  Mount either feature on painted one-by-four lumber or a weathered -- and sealed -- plank, and then mount the wood backing to wall studs for stability.

Other hook ideas include:. 

* Retro faucet handles * Stocky branches or driftwood * Screw-style drawer pulls * [Bent](http://wwwthewoodgraincottagecom/2013/04/04/diy-spoon-pallet-hook-rack/) [spoons](http://wwwthewoodgraincottagecom/2013/04/04/diy-spoon-pallet-hook-rack/) * Tools, such as a timeworn hammer -- mounted to the wall by its wooden handle with the claw or head as the hook 

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