Fence Post Crafts

A worn, old fence post lying in the dirt may not look like it has potential but when it is incorporated into a craft project, transformation and renewal occur. The possibilities for fence post crafts are limited only by your imagination. Use your creativity to come up with new and innovative projects to turn a fence post from trash to a treasured piece of art.

Holiday Decor

Transform an old fence post into a decorative craft.

Turn a wooden fence post into holiday decorations for your yard or porch. To accomplish this, you'll need to cut the fence post down to a proper size. Make a set of Halloween decorations by painting three consecutively smaller pieces of the post to resemble pumpkins. You can leave them faceless to serve as general fall d├ęcor or add jack-o-lantern faces for Halloween. A stem can be added by gluing a stick to the top of each post section. You can also paint the posts to look like a family of snowmen. Add faces with coal and decorate the snowmen with small hats.


When incorporated into pieces of furniture, fence posts can imbue a piece with rustic charm and appeal, especially if they have a weathered look. Use worn fence posts as table or chair legs. To make a coffee or end table, attach a piece of thick glass or finished wood to the top of four equally-sized sections of fence post. Use a larger top piece to create a kitchen or dining room table. You can paint the wooden posts or leave them bare.

Yard Signs

Use fence posts to make signs featured in your yard. You can make a welcome sign, holiday sign or simply label your garden. There are several ways a fence post is useable in this type of craft. Paint a separate piece of wood with lettering and nail it to the fence post; stick the post's end in the ground. Alternately, you can paint the wooden fence post itself with the phrase and lay it on the ground or prop it up against some rocks.

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