Lawn Chairs That Can Hold Over 300 Lbs

Most indoor chairs are sturdy enough for plus-size guests, but when it comes to outdoor entertaining, flimsy lawn chairs can result in an embarrassed guest and host, not to mention a chair that needs replacing. However, lawn chairs are on the market that will accommodate people weighing over 300 lbs. According to the Seattle Times, some people are buying these heavy-duty lawn chairs to take along with them whenever they're invited to an outdoor event.

Hardwood Patio Seating

Even though outdoor seating may be made from wood, it may still not be sturdy enough to handle extra weight.  Each piece of the Extra Large Hardwood Patio Seating available from One Stop Plus supports up to 500 lbs; the extra large armchair and rockers feature extra-wide 29-inch seats.

The furniture, which can be wiped clean, is made from oil-rubbed hardwood finished with a natural stain. 

Patio Rocking Chair

Living XL offers a patio rocking chair made from a durable resin that won't rust, blister or peel and that also resists scratches and stains.  The chair has a 600-lb.

stationary weight capacity, which means that it can support this much weight in its proper fixed position.  The overall seat width is 19 1/2 inches, and the actual seat size is 17 1/2 inches wide and 19 inches deep.

The chair requires some assembly.  Colors available are sand, taupe, white and hunter green.

Lounge Lizard

The Lounge Lizard is a folding chaise lounge made from a Textilene fabric that is mildew and rust resistant.  The weight capacity for the lounge lizard, which measures 425 x 21 x 24 inches is 300 lbs.

It comes fitted with a cup holder.  The green chaise has hardwood armrests; the black one has vinyl armrests and a carrying sack.

Camp Chair

Brylane Home offers a sturdy camp chair which will support up to 425 lbs.  with a seat width of 24 inches.

The chair, designed with a green powder-coated steel frame and green polyester canvas, is intended for outdoor use but would work indoors as well; it folds flat for storage.  The armrests are curved and sport a cup holder.

Extra-Large Big C.A.T. Camp Chair

The Extra-Large Big CAT.  Camp Chair from King Size Direct supports up to 500 lbs; the seat is 34 inches wide.

The frame is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and the seat is made from blue polyester canvas; a cup holder is attached.  The chair can be folded to fit into the 7 x 38 inch shoulder bag that comes with the chair.

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