Floating Dock Ideas

When you need a dock for your favorite getaway to enjoy family, friends or the beauty of nature, you have a choice of pre-built docks or of creating your own floating dock.

Great Northern Docks

Peaceful dockPeaceful dock
Someone with even basic carpentry skills should be able to make a secure dock system without excessive weight using 4-by-10-foot sections. Choose from a variety of design plans for floating ramps/docks or individual swim rafts.

Great Northern Docks offers dock ideas that include floating ramps and floating docks. They will custom build a dock system for you or provide dock design plans to make yourself.

One of their design suggestions is called the "Amphibian," which consists of four dock sections that are all lined up. The first two sections are on land, and then the connecting two sections float on the water. This plan is ideal when the land is higher than the water level so that you step down onto the water-level sections.

The Sailor's "T" Dock System

The sailor's "T" design consists of four dock sections. The first two sections are positioned straight ahead from the water's edge, and they are connected to three more dock sections that are placed horizontally. The second section leading from the water meets the middle of the three horizontal sections so that the dock looks like the letter "T." You would secure your boat horizontally parallel to the three floating sections at the end of the two sections.

The Starboard Swimmer Dock System

The starboard swimmer docking system consists of five floating dock sections. The first three sections lead out in a straight line away from the land and are connected together. The other two sections connect to the the third section horizontally so that the dock looks like an upside-down "L." Your boat can be secured horizontally on the outside of the docking system, and people can swim or wade inside the upside-down "L" part of the water.

The Sunbather Docking System

The Sunbather docking system is made up of four dock sections. The first two sections lead straight out away from the land and are connected together length to length. You connect a third section on the left-hand side of the second section lengthwise and connect a fourth section on the right hand side of the second section, also lengthwise. You end up with a short ramp leading to three sections side-by-side, for those who love to sit or lie out in the sun to tan or relax.

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