Exterior Colors That Complement Brick

Although some homes are made entirely of brick, you will commonly find home exteriors that combine brick with another building material like vinyl siding or wood.

Red Brick

Woman looking at several paint swatches.
If you've decided to paint the exterior surface of your home, you will want to use a color that complements the color of your brick. Brick is most widely available in red, white and gray, so the color you choose to paint the rest of your house depends on your brick color. .
Office with red bricks.

One of the most common shades of brick is red. Red brick may be extremely vibrant or is a darker red like maroon. If you want a complementary color, choose a color that is opposite of red on the color wheel. These colors include various shades of green and light blue. Green enhances the shade of red, just as red brings out the vibrancy of green colors. Another color option is to choose a color that is close to red on the color wheel. One of the best color choices to go with is your choice in shades of yellow. The yellow will pop out against the red brick for a house that gets noticed on the block. If you prefer a more subdued color combination, choose a neutral shade of white, cream or beige. Light brown shades will also complement the red brick.

White Brick

White bricks.

If your house has white brick, you have many options for exterior colors because so many colors complement white. Stick with lighter shades of your favorite colors to avoid making your home appear too dark. Some white bricks have flecks of other colors, such as blue or gray, so you should try to use those colors on your exterior. Light blues are the best options for white brick, but feel free to experience with darker shades if that is your taste. You can choose almost any shade of gray that you like, but avoid using too dark a shade of gray. Light shades of violet, green and even pink can have a complementing effect on your home's exterior.

Tan or Brown Brick

Tan bricks.

Your home might have tan or brown brick on the exterior, which gives you many paint options. In some cases, your brick might be a blend of different shades of brown and tan. If your brick is blended with different colors, you can choose one of the colors to use on the rest of the house. One simple color idea is to choose a paint shade that is only one or two shades lighter than the color of your brick. Cream is a neutral color that won't make your house look too bold. If you want to make your house stand out, try hunter green or a cool blue color.

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