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Vacuum Tools for Cleaning in High Places

Jessica Jewell

To clean your house thoroughly, you have to be able to reach every corner and crevice, despite their height. While you might not vacuum high locations regularly, you may find the need to do so once every season. Having the appropriate tools to use with the vacuum cleaner will help you clean in high places.

Telescopic Pole or Extension Wand

A telescopic pole attached to your vacuum will let you reach high places such as ceilings and rafters. An extension to your vacuum is especially helpful when you are trying to eliminate spider webs in high areas. Many vacuums come with extension poles that you must attach to the regular pole. If your vacuum does not come with an extension pole or wand, consider purchasing one from a specialty vacuum store or home goods store.

Round Brush

Attaching a rounded brush to the end of your vacuum pole may enable you to reach higher places, especially high corners. The round brush is a tool that comes as a standard accessory when you purchase a new vacuum cleaner. You can attach the round brush to the vacuum head instead of the standard suction head. If your vacuum did not come with a round brush, or you no longer have the tool, contact a store that sells the brand of vacuum you own, and ask if you can purchase the part separately. Some stores may also sell generic round brushes that fit different vacuum brands.


It would be nearly impossible to vacuum ceiling corner or rafters using a standard upright vacuum, especially without hurting yourself. If your home requires extensive vacuuming in high areas, especially unfinished, vaulted ceilings and rafters, a backpack vacuum cleaner may be the perfect solution. A backpack vacuum is a portable vacuum cleaner that you wear on your back like a rucksack. With this device, you only have to worry about holding the vacuum tube up into high areas. By standing on a chair or ladder, you can take your vacuum with you on your back, and reach even higher locations.