Kits for Building Cribs

Hallie Cranos

Whether you or a friend is expecting a baby, making customized items for the nursery is a good way to both save money and provide a personalized touch. Cribs are both extremely functional and also have a high sentimental value, often being passed down from generation to generation in a family. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or a novice, there are kits for building cribs that fit many levels of experience.

All-in-One Crib Kits

A handmade crib can become a family heirloom.

There are several crib kits available for purchase that include instructions, basic hardware, teething rails and mattress springs. Companies that offer these kits include the Woodsmith Store and BobVila.com. These kits are an excellent option for people who have basic woodworking skills but need some guidance, or for those who may not have a store nearby to buy the necessary parts. Kits from both of these relators are in accordance with the U.S. Consumer Safety guidelines regarding children's cribs.

Crib Instructions for Experienced Woodworkers

For people with a higher level of skill, just a set of instructions can be purchased. These kits are for people who have a high level of woodworking skills and are also able to buy all the necessary parts. These kits are less expensive then kits that include parts, so they are a good option if you meet these requirements. As the cribs that these kits build are also in accordance with U.S. Consumer Safety guidelines, it is suggested to follow the instructions exactly unless you are very familiar with these guidelines. The company BobVila.com carries crib kits of this kind.

Custom-Made Cribs

For the ultimate personalized crib, pick a company that lets you customize your own crib. At Hardware America you pick the features you want on your crib, and they send you a hardware kit that meets your specific requirements. This option is excellent for people who know exactly what they want or have exact needs they need their crib to meet.