Hot Tub Ideas

Hot tubs are an attractive home feature ideal for relaxation and relieving stress.

Kid-Friendly Designs

Hot tubs add style and value to your home.
If you've recently purchased a hot tub or are contemplating having one installed, look at a few design ideas that will match your decorative preferences and tastes. .

If you have children and want to make the hot tub attractive for them, bordering the hot tub with wood in bright colors like red or yellow is a good idea. Painting the wood with pictures of rubber duckies gives the hot tub a 'bath time' theme, or you can paint the hot tub covering with seashells and sandcastles for a beach motif. A hot tub with a design on the cover is also attractive to kids and provides lively decor while the hot tub is open. A customized cover with your children's names is a good choice; a scene that looks like children playing on the beach can spark your child's imagination.

Hot Tub Enclosures

If the hot tub will be designated for the adults in the home, or you want to give the area more privacy, designer hot tub enclosures are the way to go. An enclosure also makes it possible for you to enjoy the hot tub even in the colder months of the year. Enclosures have roofs and doors to protect from the elements and keep the hot tub area warm and sometimes include a small bar and stools at the front of the enclosure. Light or dark wood styles are available, and adding synthetic palm trees or tropical flowers outside of the enclosure can give it an exotic look.


Adding the overflow feature to the hot tub gives it an elegant, resort-style feel and is ideal if the hot tub will be connected to your outdoor pool. The warm water from the hot tub can warm the pool slightly, and the water falling from the hot tub into the pool resembles a small cascade. If the hot tub isn't connected to a pool, adding a small fountain to the hot tub area still lends an air of sophistication. For instance, if the hot tub is made of marble, a small marble fountain surrounded by lush green shrubs will make the area visually appealing.

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