Ideas for Fencing in or Enclosing a Patio

Fencing in or enclosing a patio can give your patio a cozier look and feel as well as protect you from the insects, the sun and other elements. In addition, it also gives you more privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. There are many different and creative ways for you to fence or enclose your patio and the style you choose depends on the look and feel that you are going for.


Adding plants around a patio is a great way to fence in your patio and still allow you to enjoy being outdoors. You can add planters to the perimeter of the patio to separate it from your garden or simply grow a low hedge for the same purpose. Surrounding your patio with plants and flowers is one of the best ways to fence in your patio without enclosing it and still be completely outdoors.


Another great idea for a patio is the use of a canopy. Like plants, a canopy erected over your patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being completely enclosed. Canopies can protect you from the sun and are made with materials suitable for the outdoors. Some canopies even come with side panels that you are able to zip closed for protection from insects and even rain. Canopies look perfect by the pool but can also be used in other areas. They are easy to assemble and come in different designs, so choose one that suits your taste. One of the best things about canopies is that you can disassemble them and store them during bad weather.


For those who prefer a totally enclosed patio, screened patios are a good option. A screened patio does not have any windows but rather is enclosed with screen usually made of wire. Its main purpose is to keep insects and leaves away from the patio area and allow some shade from direct sunlight. Although screen doors also protect you from the sun, they are best used in areas where the winter months are not too harsh as they do not protect the enclosed area from rain or snow and cold weather. However, screens provide you with little or no privacy.


Installing windows is another option for fully enclosing a patio. Windows will also keep insects and leaves away from the patio but unlike screens, they also provide protection from harsh weather and scorching heat. Using windows to enclose a patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the inside by giving you a full view of the outside. Another option similar to windows would be to enclose a patio with sliding doors. The good thing about windows is that you can install curtains or blinds for a little more privacy.

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