GE Toaster Oven Manual Instructions

William Pullman

GE toaster ovens are a countertop toasting and baking appliance for home use. In addition to toasting and baking features, a GE toaster oven allows you to broil foods and defrost frozen items. With an electronic control panel and digital display, the GE toaster oven is easy to set up and start using out of the box.

Before Use

GE toaster ovens may collect dust when packaged and shipped. Before your first use, clean the baking rack, bake pan, crumb tray and broil rack with soapy water. Dry off all of the pieces once they're clean. Wipe down the exterior of the oven with a dampened cloth and dry the exterior with another cloth. Place the oven on a flat surface, insert all of the racks and the crumb tray and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Press the "Toast" button three times and press the "Start" button. The toasting process will burn off any remaining residue on the racks or the inside of the oven. You may see some smoke, but this is normal.

Making Toast

GE toaster ovens have three toast settings: light, medium and dark. You can change the setting by pressing the "Toast" button. Press the button once for light, twice for medium and three times for dark toast. The temperature of the settings cannot be changed, and neither can the countdown timer for each setting.

Once the toast setting is made, press the "Start" button to toast your food items. The timer will countdown on the display. Once the timer reaches "00:00," the oven will play three audible tones to let you know the toast is complete. You can stop the oven at any time by pressing the "Stop" button twice.

Baking or Broiling

To use the GE toaster oven's baking or broiling feature, press the "Bake" or "Broil" button. The display time will show "30:00." Adjust the time by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons. Next, press the "Temp" button to set the baking or broiling temperature. Raise or lower the temperature by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons. Once all of the settings are input, press the "Start" button. When finished, the oven will beep three times. Stop the oven at any time by pressing the "Stop" button twice.


A GE toaster oven can be used to defrost frozen food items. To defrost food items, press the "Defrost" button. The time display will show "30:00," which can be adjusted with the "+" or "-" buttons. Once set, press the "Start" button. The oven will beep three times when finished. You can stop the oven at any time by pressing the "Stop" button twice. Note that the defrost temperature cannot be changed.