Whirlpool Dryer Instructions

Few other dryers are as well known as those produced by Whirlpool.

Loading Clothes

Whirlpool combines durability and a simple control panel to make drying a wide variety of items quick and easy. Its integral thermostat monitors and maintains the temperature within the dryer, and the unit automatically shuts off when the clothes are dry. Selecting and drying clothes in either the permanent press, air or timed drying cycles is accomplished by turning the single cycle control knob to the appropriate setting and pressing the start button.

It is important to load the clothes into the dryer loosely, rather than packing them into the dryer basin. Leaving space within the basin will allow the clothes to dry quickly and thoroughly. To load to the basin, pull the basin door open, place the clothes into the basin, then close the basin's door until it clicks into place.

Permanent Press Cycle

The permanent press, labeled as the "PERM PRES" cycle on the cycle control knob, is designed to dry clothing which has been chemically treated to prevent wrinkles. Clothes which have been chemically treated are labeled as permanent press clothes. This cycle automatically turns the dryer off when the selected drying period is reached. The "PERM PRES" cycle is available in a broad range, from "VERY DRY" to "LESS DRY." The appropriate range depends on the number of clothes in the dryer and the clothing's fabric. A good starting point is to twist the cycle control knob to the middle of the "VERY DRY" to "LESS DRY" points, then adjust the drying time accordingly after the drying cycle is complete. Begin the drying cycle by pressing the "PUSH TO START" button on the face of the dryer.

Air Cycle

The air cycle selection is noted by the word "AIR" next to the cycle control knob. This cycle dries without heat and is therefore appropriate for articles such as foam rubber, plastics, rugs that have a rubber backing and sheer nylon. Twist the cycle control knob to the "AIR" setting, then begin the drying cycle by pressing the "PUSH TO START" button on the face of the dryer.

Timed Drying Cycle

The timed drying cycle, labeled "TIME DRYING" next to the cycle control knob, is used to complete the drying process if the clothing is still damp after either the permanent press or air cycle. The timed drying cycle is also appropriate for items that cannot be completely dried by either the permanent press cycle or the air cycle, such as heavyweight items that require more drying time. The duration of the timed drying cycle can be set for up to 120 minutes by twisting the cycle control knob to the appropriate numerical position. Press the "PUSH TO START" button on the face of the dryer to begin the cycle.

Cleaning the Lint Screen

After the items have finished drying, the lint screen should always be cleaned to avoid longer drying times in the future. The lint screen is located at the back of the interior of the dryer's drum within a rubber screen case and is removed by pulling the screen case straight out of the dryer. Lift the top of the cover off of the body of the screen case, then roll any lint which has accumulated within the screen off with your fingers. Place the cover back onto the screen case, then insert the case back into place within the dryer's drum.

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