Help With Home Repairs for Seniors on Disability

Each state is responsible for the programs put together to provide financial help for home repairs for disabled seniors, but the overall goals are the same. Some programs provide loans, while others actually give grants that do not need to be paid back. Depending on the program, if the government is giving loans, then they might be interest free or come with low interest rates that are at or below prime. One of the main reasons these funds are available is to help seniors on disability pensions remain in their homes for as long as they possibly can.

Accessibility issues

One type of program covers accessibility issues. Often renovations are necessary to adapt a home to the needs of the disabled senior. This can include grab bars by their bed, in the bath and shower or ramps to allow easy access into and out of the house. This financial help for home repairs for seniors on disability is also dependent on the income of the senior. Low-income seniors over age 60 years are the ones who are getting the assistance.


While financial help for home repairs for seniors on disability pensions is available for those who own their homes, there are different programs for those who rent. Renters may be eligible for renovations to make the home more accessible but not for basic repairs. Those seniors with disabilities who own more than one home need to understand that the loans or grants are only available for the home they are living in.

Weatherization Programs

But accessibility issues are not the only government programs that offer assistance with. There are programs to help for home repairs for seniors on disability pensions that will also be of benefit for the weatherization of the home. These include insulating attics, replacing windows for more energy efficient ones, updating furnaces and other similar renovations to the home.

Know the Basic Criteria

Before applying for financial help for home repairs for seniors on disability pensions, it is essential to know a few of the most basic criteria. To begin with the applicants must be American citizens or at least considered a legal resident. This is one of the first questions asked, and it will be necessary to have proof of citizenship before proceeding. Then, it will be necessary to prove annual income. Go to the grant meeting with all the information required, including your plans for the work you want done on your house. Come with an explanation of what is needed and the benefits it will provide. Once you have made your case for the repairs needed to your home, and the appropriate paperwork has been filled out, the grant or loan you are applying for will be considered.

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