Window Treatments for Narrow Windows

Home improvement and department stores often carry a wide variety of treatments for windows that are standard sizes.


At first glance, it may seem that buying custom window treatments for tall, wide or narrow windows is the only option. However, with a little ingenuity and a willingness to think outside of the box, you can find window treatments to fit non-standard windows. .

Start by measuring your windows. Measure the window from top to bottom, then from side to side. If your windows are close together and you need to buy window treatments for each, measure the distance from one window to another. While you are measuring, decide whether to mount your window treatments inside of the window frame or outside. If you have unusually narrow or wide windows, an external mount is often the best option.

Personal Assessment

Armed with your measurements, consider whether you need window treatments to provide privacy, block the sun's rays, allow for more light, or to provide energy savings. This information will help guide you in your choice.


Blinds block light and heat and are versatile. You can buy wood blinds, faux wood blinds, Roman blinds, aluminum blinds and much more. Check the measurements carefully. Note that some stores (such as Home Depot and Loews) will custom-cut blinds for you in the store as you shop. One shop that sells narrow blinds is IKEA.

Consider buying curtains. For narrow windows, consider buying one panel. Make sure that the curtain rod is appropriate for the window panels and that it is appropriate for internal or external mounting.

Consider curtain panel fabric that is ready to be hung. Buying a panel can be a very cost-effective way of adding privacy to your home. Plus, because panels are versatile, you can use them to partition areas of your home as well.

Make your own curtains. You can do this using bedroom sheets or another fabric of your choice. Bedroom sheets are particularly good because they can be easily washed and the sides are finished. With careful planning, hemming might not be necessary.

Use plastic film to provide privacy and energy savings. 3M and Gila make highly regarded film that repels many of the sun's rays while providing privacy and beauty.

Layering Window Treatments

Consider whether you want to layer window treatments. For example, you might want to purchase 3M or Gila film, then hang blinds and top each window with soft, sheer curtains.

Final Suggestions

Consider the decor of your room as well as heating and cooling costs. Shopping online can be helpful in finding the best deal. Hanging window treatments yourself can save money.


Store window measurements in a safe place for future reference.

Don't forget to budget for hardware. Curtains often seem to be a lot cheaper until you factor in the curtain rod and other pieces of hardware.

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