Instructions for Using a Hoover Steam Cleaner

The Hoover SteamVac, which is self-sufficient and easy to maneuver, is the most popular Hoover Steam Cleaner.


It boasts of having 5 rotating brushes, in addition to built-in storage for a handy upholstery gadget with an attached 8-foot hose. The brushes detach easily for fast cleaning. The Hoover SteamVac is power-driven using a 12amp motor with a power cord up to 24 feet. It also carries a container tank for storing the cleaning agents and a separate tank for soiled water. The Hoover SteamVac approximately weighs 30 pounds and stores easily in a closet. .

There are several models to choose from, from the portable choices to the more weighty ones for heavy-duty cleaning. An example of a larger Hoover SteamVac is the Turbo Power 5200, an upright cleaner featuring SpinScrub technology, which performs thorough cleaning with its 5 rotating and self-adjusting brushes.

The Widepath 6-Brush Scrub SteamVac is a more sophisticated model from the Hoover line. Also an upright cleaner with SpinScrub technology, Widepath steamVac has an easy to remove recovery tank with a toe-operated handle release. It holds a 10 foot long hose and a 27 foot power chord.

Using a Hoover SteamVac

First, put hot water and rug shampoo in the Hoover SteamVac's tank. Flip the switch at the lower part of the vacuum to position the scrubbing brushes into place. Press the trigger to dispense shampoo solution. Then, like any other vacuum cleaner, move the machine forward then backward, covering the same area. Repeat the 2 motions without holding down the trigger to suck up the carpet's moisture. Begin the next forward and backward pass by faintly overlapping the area previously covered. Repeat the motions to suck the moisture out from the carpet until the entire area is clean.

Give the entire carpet area another pass to ensure the carpet is free of any moisture to cut drying time in half. After using the cleaner, detach the machine's tanks and rinse them under running water. Let them air dry before attaching back to the machine. Store the Hoover SteamVac until its next use.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the vacuum does not turn on, inspect to see if the cord is properly plugged into the socket. Plug voltage may also be faulty. You may also want to check the fuse box to check for any damaged fuses.

When experiencing low or no suction at all, the machine's recovery tank may already be full. There also may be a clog at the hose, so simply detach the hose and remove any materials that have clogged up the opening.

If the brushes won't rotate, simply clean the screen located over the indicator. Also make sure that the speed function is selected and is not on OFF mode.


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