Dorel Baby Crib Instructions

Ruth Taylor

Dorel baby cribs come in models ranging from traditional sleigh cribs to combination cribs and changing tables. There are cushions, changing pads and other accessories available to complement your Dorel baby crib. Dorel baby cribs come ready for you to assemble in your own home.


Once you get your Dorel baby crib home, remove all the packaging materials. Before you start to assemble it, make sure that you have all the necessary pieces. This includes the sides, bottom as well as screws and clips. The Dorel baby crib models that have a drop side will have slide bars. If you find that you are missing a piece, contact the store where you purchased the crib. As you start to assemble the crib, you may find it easier to lay it on its side if you are working alone. You can then tilt it right side up once the sides and sleeping surface are firmly in place.

Only the sliding drop side should move. Otherwise, the crib should feel sturdy underneath your hand, without any jiggling or side-to-side movement. If you find that there is movement, go back and tighten all interlocking pieces and screws. Make sure that opposite sides of the crib are completely parallel. The crib should form a stable and secure rectangle.

Dorel Baby Crib Use

Now that the frame of your Dorel baby crib is completely assembled, install the mattress and side cushions into place. The mattress should be firm and fit tightly so that your baby cannot stick his legs, arms or body between the mattress and the crib. If you are using a used Dorel baby crib, make sure that there are no slats missing, bent or broken. A missing slat could pose a hazard for small children and babies. When the crib is empty, practice lowering and raising the side rail a couple of times until you can do so comfortably and automatically.

Place your baby on her back when she is in the crib. There should not be loose pillows, blankets or quilts in the crib. These items may pose a suffocation danger to infants and small babies. Baby sleepers or a thin blanket that covers your baby to her chest are a safer choice. Only use a bottom sheet specially designed for crib mattresses so that it doesn't bunch up and entangle a sleeping baby. Monitor your baby as she sleeps or spends time in her Dorel baby crib. Never leave babies or children unattended.