Correct Way to Flip a Mattress

Mattresses need to be flipped so that both sides get the same amount of use.

Flip Mattress Regularly

By doing this, you will extend the life of your mattress. Regularly flipping your mattress prevents the usual wear and tear from concentrating in one spot. Most people sleep on the same spot on their mattress, so it must be flipped from head to foot as well as from front to back. It is important to remember which direction to flip your mattress and when to flip it. .

Flip your mattress at regular intervals and do it on a regular schedule to make it easy for you to remember. For example, make every first day of each month your day to flip the mattress. To make it more convenient, you can do it at the same time you change your bedding. Aside from making it easier to remember, it will also be easy to flip the mattress when it is stripped of bedding. Flip the sides of your mattress alternately every other month; first flip it from front to head, then from side to side.

There are some people who use the seasons to help keep track of the direction that the mattress needs to be flipped. They will flip their mattress from side to side every spring and summer, then flip it from end to end every fall and winter. You can also mark your mattress so it would be easy to remember in which direction to flip. You can put numbers on the corners of the mattress or you can put arrows on its sides to show which direction to flip.

Ask for Assistance

Most mattresses are quite heavy so it is advisable to ask someone to help you flip your mattress. Two people can get the job done. One person needs to support the mattress while the other person flips it, or they can both support the weight of the mattress and flip it like a pancake.

If you have to do it alone, you can slide a large piece of plastic under the mattress. This will make it easier to slide off the bed and flip. Protect your back by following the proper way to lift heavy objects.

Vacuum the Mattress Before Flipping

It is also a good idea to vacuum the mattress before flipping so your mattress is also regularly cleaned every time you flip it. Also vacuum the mattress after flipping it so you will be sleeping on a newly cleaned side.

The important thing is that a mattress needs to be flipped regularly so that it does not wear out in a single spot. Just be sure that your mattress is the kind that can be flipped, because there are new mattresses that only have one side you can sleep on. If you have that kind of mattress, then you can just flip it from head to foot regularly.

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