Instructions for Replacing a Roomba Battery

Roomba vacuums by iRobot are programmed to systematically clean multiple rooms on a single battery charge. When it's time to replace the Roomba's nickel metal hydride battery the process is simple and can be done in minutes.


Before you can replace the battery in your Roomba 500 series vacuum, there are a couple of things you'll need to gather. Roomba 500 series vacuums are powered by a nickel metal hydride battery that can be purchased directly from Roomba or from various online retailers. You will also need a small Philips screwdriver. A small magnet is not required, but is handy for holding loose screws while you replace the battery.

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the battery in a Roomba 500 series vacuum is a simple affair. Turn the Roomba over so that the bottom is facing you. There is a small side brush that looks like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Remove the brush by unscrewing it with the Philips screwdriver, then set aside. There are four screws that hold on the Roomba's bottom cover. Remove them to reveal the battery. Remove the old battery and set it aside. Insert the new nickel metal hydride battery into your Roomba. Once you've replaced the battery you can replace the bottom cover and side brush.

Battery Life

With proper use and maintenance, your Roomba battery can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles. Your Roomba is powered by a nickel metal hydride battery that lasts longer if it is used regularly. Besides using it regularly there are a few more things you can do to extend the life of your Roomba battery. Built up dust and dirt on your Roomba's brushes can make it harder for them to spin, which can cause the device to use more battery power. For best results, periodically check the brushes and clean them if necessary. Letting your Roomba go for more than 24 hours without charging may damage the battery. Keep your Roomba plugged in when not in use. If you will not be using your Roomba for a long period of time, charge it fully, then remove the battery. When you're ready to use the Roomba again, replace the battery and charge it fully before use.