Tappan Range Troubleshooting

Tappan home appliances are now a part of the Electrolux brand.

Surface Unit

Tappan no longer sells ranges, but many people may still own these units. If you own one of these stoves, you may run into some problems. Try troubleshooting your issues before contacting a service center.

If you find that your Tappan Range's surface unit is not getting hot or is getting too hot, you may have set the controls incorrectly. Ensure that they are set properly and that the correct control is turned on to activate the surface unit. Your owner's manual (see "References," below) will have instructions on how to set each of the controls. If the surface unit will not heat at all, make sure you have power to the unit. Also, remember that flat cookware heats better than warped or lightweight pans.

Smoke or Fire

Excessive spillovers from cooking food can cause flames inside the oven or smoke to come out of the vent. Wipe up any spills before beginning a self-cleaning cycle. Then, when you program the cycle, set it for a longer cleaning time. If smoke and flames are present during the self-cleaning cycle, refer to your owner's manual regarding the steps to take.

Drip Bowls

If you have a coil element model range, your unit will have drip bowls. If those bowls are pitting or rusting, it may be because acidic foods such as tomatoes were allowed to sit in the bowls for too long. Wash the bowls whenever there is a spillover. If the drip bowls are discolored, it may be because you are using cookware that extends beyond the surface elements, touching the cooking surface. You should always use cookware that is the same size as the element.

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