Can You Wax Bamboo Floors?

In short, no, wax should not be applied to bamboo floors.

Why You Should Not Wax

Although it may be tempting to increase or restore the shine of the bamboo flooring, this can cause severe damage to the bamboo floors. Instead, incorporate a cleaning routine that will keep bamboo floors looking their best for years to come.

Bamboo is a delicate flooring option that should be handled with care. When wax adheres to the bamboo flooring, it can become a permanent fixture that cannot be removed. This means that if at some point your floors need to be refinished years down the road, the wax will still be adhered to the bamboo, making it nearly impossible to refinish the flooring as you normally would with hardwood or laminate floors.

Proper Care

Caring for the floors is quite simple, as bamboo requires little maintenance to keep its attractive appearance. Purchase a dust mop from your local hardware or home improvement store. These are typically made of a soft microfiber material, which works perfectly for bamboo, hardwood, and laminate flooring that can sometimes get scratched by brooms and other stiff cleaning utensils. Simply run the dust mop across the floors every few days to collect dust and other particles that may collect on the floor, then shake the mop outdoors to release the collected debris.

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning also requires little work. It is best to use a mild cleaning agent that will clean the floors without damaging the bamboo surface. Several retail products are available at the grocery store or home improvement store, and many hardwood floor cleaners work well on bamboo as well. The problem is, many times these are too expensive to fit within our budget. Instead, simply use liquid dish detergent. This is a mild cleanser that breaks through dirt and grime, and also leaves a shine free of streaks, film, or residue. In a bucket, mix a gallon of warm water with two squirts of liquid dish soap. Dip a mop in the solution, then wring out the mop, as you want to use as little water as possible since bamboo can easily buckle or swell when in contact with too much moisture. Mop over the floors with the damp mop, and let air dry.

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