How Do I Change the Post-Motor Filter on a Dyson Vacuum?

The post-motor filter on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of two filters inside the machine. It's important to remove this filter every few months for cleaning and to replace damaged filters with new ones. Filters become clogged with dust and pollen, which can affect allergies and breathing. Clogged filters will decrease the suction power of the machine and may even cause the motor to cut out due to overheating. Changing the Dyson post-motor filter is easy and will take only minutes to complete.

Replace the HEPA Filter

Unplug the vacuum if you have not already. This will preclude the possibility of any electrical shocks while you're working on the vacuum.

Remove the housing. The housing is the long clear cylinder at the front of the vacuum. A button just above the handle unlatches the housing. Push the button and pull the housing free.

Pry open the filter lid. The filter lid is below where the housing was. The filter lid is held in place by three catches. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to free each catch.

Remove the post motor-filter, also known as the HEPA filter. Simply lift it free of the machine.

Place a new HEPA filter in the filter slot. Be sure that you have either saved the rubber seal from your old filter or purchased a new one. The seal encircles the base of your filter and ensures a snug fit.

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