Window Treatments for Eyebrow Windows

Specialty windows such as eyebrows can be a challenge to cover. Although an undressed eyebrow window can be a dramatic architectural focal point, you may need privacy or to darken a room. When choosing an eyebrow window treatment, think about your needs. Perhaps you wish to achieve a certain decorative effect or you want to be able to control how much light enters. Many different eyebrow window treatments exist.


The type of window treatment you opt for depends on whether the eyebrow is part of a main window or stands alone. Some eyebrow windows were later additions, constructed after the house was completed.

One window treatment option to consider is wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can fan out from the center or be fixed slats. Fixed slats allow light to stream in while blocking the view, providing privacy. Adjustable louver slats let you choose the amount of light coming into the room. One advantage of wooden or faux wooden blinds is that you can choose the color. Natural wood creates a rustic feel, while white is fresh and goes with almost everything.

Vertical blinds are another option for eyebrow windows. They are hung on a curved track and can be tilted open at any angle or closed for complete privacy. However, vertical blinds hung from the outline of an eyebrow window cannot be opened to one side. If you want to be able to open vertical blinds fully, you will need to install two sets. One set covers the eyebrow window above the traditional rectangular form and the other functions as a normal vertical blind.

Fabric Window Treatments

Fabric is another eyebrow window option that allows you to play up the shape of the window. Drape swags above the eyebrow window or follow the curved shape. Achieve a formal look by hanging long brocade or tapestry curtains above sheer liners. Or, hang heavy fabric curtains that are a bit longer than the overall height and let them puddle on the floor.

Sheer panels are another window treatment option. Although they are fixed, meaning that you will not be able to open and close them, they will soften and filter outside light. They can be bunched along rods or joined to form a rosette on the bottom center of the eyebrow window. When joined in the center in this form, the sheer curtain fans out to fill the curve of the window.