How Do I Stack My GE Washer & Dryer?

While stackable washer and dryer sets are a space-saving option, the limited capacity of these units sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Prepare the Dryer

Front-loading GE washer models can be stacked with a dryer by using a stack bracket kit available from GE. Kits are available for front-loading models only. .

Place the GE dryer on its side and locate the dryer's legs. Remove all four legs by unscrewing the screws with a screwdriver. Using the four rubber pads included in the GE Stack Bracket Kit, peel the adhesive backing off and attach the pads where the legs were removed.

Using a screwdriver, attach the right and left brackets to the lower corners of the dryer with two screws for each bracket. Once the brackets are attached, return the dryer to its upright position.

Prepare the Washer

Put your washer in the desired location. The washer will be on the bottom of the stack, as it's heavier than the dryer. Make sure you leave enough room to work on the back of the appliances once both are stacked. You can move them into place once all hoses are connected. Locate the control panel on the washer and remove it by unscrewing three screws. Make sure your washer is level and sitting on an even surface.

Stack the Washer and Dryer

With the help of another person, lift the dryer onto the washer. Be careful not to damage the control panel of the washer while lifting the dryer. The holes on the dryer brackets should line up with holes at the base of the washer once they are stacked. Using a screwdriver, attach the connected dryer brackets to the washer. Connect the washer and dryer to their respective hookups once stacked, following the installation instructions for each. Walk or slide the stacked appliances into place once installation is complete.

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