The Best Window Treatments When Cats Live in the House

If you share your home with cats, you are probably no stranger to the havoc they can wreak on some window treatments. If you are concerned about curtains being climbed, blinds being broken, or pet hair ruining the look of your window treatments, fear not. Fortunately, there are a variety of options and there is sure to be one that will allow you and your cat or cats to coexist in stylish harmony.

Cat-Friendly Window Treatments

When deciding if you'll use curtains on your windows, there are a couple of things to consider. Does your cat scratch furniture and climb things? If so, curtains may only present another problem. However, if your cat is declawed or otherwise unable to climb, curtains may be perfectly acceptable window treatments.

When picking out your curtains, choose ones in a color that will camouflage the pet hair that will inevitably stick to it.

If curtains are not a good idea for your home and your cat, consider investing in durable blinds that can be raised at least halfway up the window, or higher than your cat can reach. Choose blinds made of a more durable material than flimsy plastic to help them withstand abuse from your cat. Depending on your budget, choose bamboo or wooden blinds.

Cloth Roman shades can provide a middle-ground option if you want the softer look of cloth curtains, but the utility of raisable blinds.

Another option is to choose window treatments fitted between the panes of the window. Window treatment companies make a wide range of blinds, shades, and grilles in a variety of colors and materials. These are excellent for homes with cats, as there is no way for the cat to come into contact with the window treatments and either ruin them or be injured by them.

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