How to Remove Mildew From a Hot Tub

How to Remove Mildew From a Hot Tub. It's spa season. You've waited to pour that glass of wine, light your outdoor fireplace, put on some soothing music and dip your toes into that wonderful, hot water ready to jet your worries away. You lift the hot tub cover in anticipation and find...mildew!

Fear not, there's an easy way to remove it and get back to relaxation.

  1. Remove the foam cores. These need to be cleaned separately, so it's best to remove them from the encasement first.

  2. Mix the cleaning solution. Simple household items you already have in stock are all you need to clean the cover. Take 1 tsp. of mild dish detergent and mix it with 1 cup of bleach in a gallon of water. That's the recipe.

  3. Get ready to scrub. Although the scrubbing solution is mild, it is made with bleach, so you may want to wear rubber gloves and eye protection. To ensure proper ventilation, move the encasement and foam cores to an outside area if your hot tub is indoors.

  4. Find a soft bristle brush and washcloth. Use the soft bristle brush with the solution to scrub the inside of your cover encasement, and use a washcloth to wipe down all sides of the foam cores with the solution.

  5. Allow time for complete drying. Place the encasement inside up in the sun for a couple of hours to dry thoroughly. The sun exposure will also help to get rid of any leftover mildew you may have missed. Lay out the foam cores in the shade to dry.

  6. Prepare to reassemble. When the encasement and the foam cores are fully dry, spray them with a product meant to block mildew from forming. Allow the spray to dry; then you can put your cover back together and get in the hot tub.

  7. Tip

    Check the water chemistry before you put the cover back on your hot tub.


    Make sure you don't place your foam cores in the sun to dry; they will melt if left in the sun.

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