How to Clean Canvas Sneakers

How to Clean Canvas Sneakers. Canvas sneakers are among the most comfortable and casual types of foot wear. But because of their everyday usage, they are subjected to a lot more wear and tear. Canvas sneakers are designed for an easy clean up and with the proper care, come out looking shiny and new every time.

Clean Canvas Sneakers
  1. Put aside muddy canvas sneakers to dry out. Pat the soles of the sneakers together to remove any loose dirt. Or, tap the shoes against a railing or stairs to get rid of set in dirt.

  2. Remove the laces from the sneakers. Wash the shoes with warm water. Use a mixture of mild soapy water and a toothbrush to scrub off the remaining dirt. Sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and water on the inside of the sneakers to remove odors. Rinse off with cold water.

  3. Use a nylon pad to brush away tough dirt marks. To clean colored canvas sneakers use a non-bleaching liquid soap when scrubbing.

  4. Wash the laces by hand or in the washing machine along with like-colored clothes. Wash them in warm water and let air dry. For deep cleaning, soak them overnight in bleach.

  5. Apply a leather cleaner to wash sneakers that are part leather.

  6. Pack brown paper bags or paper towels inside the damp sneakers so they retain their shape. Let them air dry.

  7. Apply white canvas shoe polish to the sneakers. This imparts an additional shine to the canvas and covers any stubborn stains.

  8. Warning

    Do not wash sneakers in a washing machine as this can affect the glue. Do not dry canvas sneakers under direct sunlight or near a heater.