How to Select Spray Paint Art Materials

How to Select Spray Paint Art Materials. Spray paint art is made by placing objects on a piece of heavy paper or posterboard and spray painting over them. When stencils, pages from magazines, photographs and other select materials are removed from the paper, different shapes and textures remain, forming a picture.

Spray paint art materials.

Spray paint artists use many different kinds of materials for their art. Some of them are everyday items found in your home and others are available at most craft and hardware stores.

  1. Set a budget for your spray paint art materials before you shop. Having a limited amount of money to spend on art supplies can help curb the temptation to buy every color of paint you like at one time.

  2. Peruse the advertisement sections that come in your Sunday newspaper. Look for sales on spray paint at home improvement or craft stores. Try to stretch your art materials budget as far as you can.

  3. Buy posterboard or heavy sheets of paper in bulk. This way you will have plenty in your workshop and you may end up paying less per piece. Select a few different sizes of paper to have on hand.

  4. Pick out masking or painting tape that is easy to remove and does not leave a sticky residue behind. You will use tape to secure the canvas to your working surface and for making borders around the edges of your spray paint art.

  5. Buy a good pair of eye goggles. Make sure they fit correctly so that they provide ample protection. Remember to purchase a face mask and disposable gloves as well, to reduce your exposure to toxic paint fumes.

  6. Purchase several cans of spray paint in assorted colors. You may want to select black, white and the primary colors, which you can mix, for starters. As you become more experienced at spray paint art and have plans for more intricate paintings, add to your supplies.

  7. Choose tools for creating texture and shape. Many spray paint artists use scrapers and claws that are usually used for clay sculpting. Buy a few tools in varying sizes.

  8. Tip

    Recycle materials that are already in your home for use in your spray paint art. For example, you can use newspapers and old magazines to protect your work area and to provide texture to your artwork. Cut out stencils of different shapes from cardboard. Be creative about what you can use in your work.