How to Make a Baseball Table

Jennifer Metz

A baseball table makes a great addition to any young baseball fan's bedroom or home's recreation room. It's easy to make, inexpensive and sure to be an original in the eyes of your guests. Building a baseball table takes very little woodworking experience and can be built by almost anyone.

How to Make a Baseball Table

  1. Find three wooden baseball bats. You can paint them or leave them natural. It is best to find bats with the same length and barrel width.

  2. Crisscross the baseball bats, with the barrel side down. Screw the bats together near the middle of the handle. This will be the base of your table.

  3. Cut your piece of wood into a circle. The table should be between 24" and 30" in diameter in order to be stable and securely held by the baseball bats. If needed, sand the edges of the table to smooth them.

  4. Screw the tabletop into the bats. One screw should be put into each bat through the tabletop in order to be secure.

  5. Paint the tabletop white. Two coats will most likely be needed. Make sure to let the paint dry thoroughly between coats. After the second coat is applied, let it dry before continuing.

  6. With your small paintbrush and red paint, paint the stitches of a baseball onto the table. Each side of the table should have an arch of a semicircle to portray the stitching. It might help to think of parentheses.

  7. Tip

    Gather all equipment together before starting.


    Be careful when using power tools. Make sure to use a drop cloth when painting to ease up mess.