How to Keep Cheese From Molding

Some people buy cheese in bulk to save money. Nonetheless, if not stored properly, mold could develop and you could end up wasting money instead of saving. This, however, doesn’t have to happen. Here are some ideas on how to keep cheese from going rotten.

Fresh cheese
  1. Use plastic gloves to handle the cheese. Touching it could transfer bacteria from your fingers and lead to mold. Likewise, make sure that he surface and utensils you use to cut the cheese are clean.

  2. Wrap the cheese tightly in plastic wrap and then place it in a small freezer bag. Seal the bag. Air encourages mold growth.

  3. Put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a paper towel. Place the paper towel on the bottom of a sealed container and put the cheese on the paper towel. Seal the container and refrigerate it. The vinegar will prevent mold from growing.

  4. Cut the cheese in small sections. Wrap each section in wax paper, and store all the sections in a freezer bag. Make sure to seal it tight. Take out the sections you need about 15 minutes before you need to use them.

  5. Place the cheese in a sealed container and add a few cubes of sugar. Seal the container tightly and refrigerate it.

  6. Tip

    Some people don’t like to freeze the cheese because they feel that it changes the texture. The cheese flavor will change if you use too much vinegar. Frozen cheese will last up to six months if stored at 0 degrees F.