How to Clean Water Stains From Marble

Marble is a natural surface used in sculpture, construction and furniture. It's a type of stone or, more specifically, limestone, defined by the location. For example, Carrara marble comes from Carrara, Italy. According to the United States Geological Survey, the United States produced $12 billion of marble in 2008.

Marble in your home is an investment that you must protect. It’s vital that you learn steps to clean and remove stains in a way that won't permanently damage the surface of the stone. Because of the porous nature of marble, even a simple water stain needs your immediate attention.

  1. Mix the whiting powder according to the instructions on the package. You want a thick paste.

  2. Apply the paste to the stained area. Try to keep it on the stain and not let it spread out. The layer should be about 1/4-inch thick.

  3. Cover the area with plastic wrap, and tape it down. Allow to sit until dry. This might take up to two days.

  4. Use a soft cloth to wipe the paste off, and then rinse with clean water.

  5. If the stain remains, repeat the process until it disappears.

  6. Clean with a neutral, non-abrasive cleaner. Rinse the marble with a damp cloth, and then dry with the chamois. Do not allow to air dry.

  7. Apply a marble polish following the instructions on the product. This restores the luster and brilliance to your marble surface.

  8. Tip

    Make sure to use coasters on all marble surfaces. Use trays on marble vanities to protect them from water stains. Keep hot items off marble, because they will etch the surface.